Hasta la vista, Adieu & Goodbye! We have terminated our presence on Facebook..


Dear friends, followers, acquaintances, partners and potential customers - today we have ended our presence on Facebook! Here you can read about why. . .

The decision has been maturing for a while, now it is being implemented: we are leaving Facebook - mainly because it still offers a platform for the dissemination of fake news, hate and resentment towards those who think differently/feel differently and that not only does not suit us.. sorting out stupid articles is totally annoying and time consuming.

We don't want to bore you with examples, we think everybody knows them well enough... it costs time, it costs nerves and for a few interesting contacts you have to deal with an unbelievable of senseless to aggressive to insulting contributions. We want to save this time in the future and use it instead for what we really care about:

- Design, plan and accompany changes

- Analyse and improve customer processes

- Living and teaching agility

- Promote and enable personal growth

- Making room for innovations and helping to spread them for the benefit of all

- Develop teams and lead them to success

This necessarily includes the values that define us as a company and as individuals: Transparency, fairness, openness and tolerance!

Facebook as a platform, on the other hand, does NOT seem to stand for these values or to take care of it seriously - therefore we pull the rip cord now and delete our account including all of its contents. . .

We look forward to meeting you all again on other platforms or even in real life!

You can find us as usual on Instagram or at our e-mail address: office@changetogrow. de

Please remain with us - sincerely yours, 

Changetogrow - Team

Wolfgang, 16.10.2019 at 10:20