Change and process support

Your company – like all businesses – is constantly changing and evolving. It's a never-ending process and there are many factors that lead to change. The key is to take control of the change process and use it strategically. But to be able to do this, you first need to identify and define the problem – No problem, no change!

Team development and training

Working in teams has become the preferred form of work and organisation in companies. Groups of specifically selected employees work together in loosely networked structures that require less administrative management and allow greater freedom for individuals (e.g. SCRUM or KANBAN).

Big Picture and Strategy

To ensure employee commitment and identification, employees need to know what their company stands for and what its goals and values are. We intentionally avoid using the word “vision” because in our experience this usually falls short of describing the full extent of this guiding principle.
Instead, we introduce our customers to the idea of “Big Picture” thinking:

Consulting and coaching

People often find themselves confronted with situations they don’t feel they can handle – both at work and in their personal lives – or which require them to change their behaviour.

Management skills and models

Successful change processes require the right management, initiative and attitude – without managers that inspire, encourage, stretch and shape, we will never be able to get people on the path to change.

Conflict skills and resilience

It is generally accepted that conflicts are part of life – both at work and privately. People have difficulty when they are asked to see the opportunities that conflicts always harbour. The broad observation that “there’s no growth without conflict” is usually met with a lack of understanding, head shaking or even flat-out rejection.

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