To ensure employee commitment and identification, employees need to know what their company stands for and what its goals and values are. We intentionally avoid using the word “vision” because in our experience this usually falls short of describing the full extent of this guiding principle.

Instead, we introduce our customers to the idea of “Big Picture” thinking:

Big Picture = Vision + Mission + Areas of activity – the Big Picture brings together all of our goals, values and activities.

Companies that effectively cultivate Big Picture thinking are able to communicate their corporate value system to the public. They measure themselves in terms of this value system and use it as an internal benchmark for their strategic planning and operational activities.

Big Picture thinking consolidates the company’s strengths and helps to leverage the impact of its activities by fostering sustainable employee identification and motivation.

Big Picture thinking

  • Communicates the company's value system both externally and internally
  • Provides orientation for strategic alignment and the daily actions of employees and managers
  • Consolidates resources and strengths to create room for motivation, creativity and identification
  • Acts as a beacon in turbulent times, ensuring companies stay on course in critical situations

Working together with you and your employees, we formulate the Big Picture for your company – not top-down but bottom-up, starting with the daily activities of employees at all levels (What do we do? How do we do this?).

On this basis, we develop the mission (Who do we do this for? With what mindset?) and project the vision for the future (What do we want to achieve in the long term with this? Where will be in 10 years?). All of this is summarised in the “Big Picture”. Harmonised across all levels, the Big Picture of your company will be clearly defined and become an effective tool.

After this stage has been completed, we can then focus on defining, evaluating and developing your core processes. Ask us about process optimisation based on the Kaizen principles (CIP) using simple process mapping and visualisation methods – available as an in-house service or externally.