Working in teams has become the preferred form of work and organisation in companies.

Groups of specifically selected employees work together in loosely networked structures that require less administrative management and allow greater freedom for individuals (e.g. SCRUM or KANBAN).

Teams work together to fulfil short- to medium-term targets (projects, development). Long-term tasks can also be successfully completed by teams, e.g. in customer service or HR.

To enable teams to be successful, the following factors have to be in place:

  • The composition of the teams has to be right – the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and their mindsets have to fit together and serve the common goal
  • Every role within the team should be described and assigned – each individual should know his or her role and accept it
  • The joint goals must be clearly defined, communicated and accepted – no identification = no success!
  • The hierarchical structures in the team are flat and/or fairly informal – nevertheless, teams need clear leadership and clear responsibilities

We provide support with selecting the right employees, work together with you to describe the development goals for the team and train every individual as well as the entire team and the managers involved.
We work indoors and outdoors. Over the years, we have found some fantastic locations – in the Alps, by the sea and in our region between the grapevines and forests.

Our partners – people who share our understanding of people and values – are also exceptionally good at what they do and their methods often involve out-of-the-box thinking.

Together, we can provide you with an on-demand concept that is tailored to your needs – with us, you won’t get an off-the-shelf solution.

We guarantee reliability, efficiency and a lasting impact.

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