Training & coaching for agile teams!


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Training & coaching for agile teams..

During the last years teamwork has become the most preferred operation and organisation principle in companies. Teams work together with changing targets in short and mid term timeframes (projects, product development, R&D etc.) - but teams are also successful with long-term challenges!

Specifically selected employee groups work together in loosely network structures that require less administrative effort and allow greater degrees of freedom for the individual (e. g. SCRUM or KANBAN)


To develop teams to be successful, the following factors must be fulfilled: 

  • Team structure must be coherent - strengths and weaknesses of the team members as well as the respective mindset must fit together and serve the common goal
  • Each role in the team should be described and casted - each individual in the team should know and accept his or her role
  • the common goals must be clearly defined, communicated and accepted - no success without identification!
  • Hierarchical structures in the team are lean and/or rather informal - nevertheless teams need clear leadership and clear responsibilities

We support you in selecting the right employees, describe the development goals for the team with you and train each individual as well as the entire team and the managers involved. We work indoors as well as outdoors and over the years we have found a few wonderful places - in the Alps, by the sea, but also in our lovely region between vineyards, green hills and forest!

Our partners - people who share our ideas of mankind and our understanding of values - are also exceptional and work with exceptional methods. Together we are in a position to offer you a concept tailored to your needs at any time - we do not offer prefabricated solutions, never!

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