Born and raised in Munich, studied in Munich

Professional experience:

Youth worker for handicapped and non-handicapped children, director of leisure activities for children and young people, legal advisor, editor in chief, legal counsellor, manager (debt and bankruptcy consulting), psychotherapist, yoga teacher, non-fiction author, lawyer.

Based in:

I live and work in Munich.

The focus of my work is individual personal development. Practicing yoga and psychotherapy are ways of looking inwards and help us to connect with ourselves. Exploring your true self – discovering your inner light and darkness – helps us to find clarity and self-awareness. By understanding our true self, we can then utilise our inner strength. When our body, mind and soul are in balance, this gives us the inner strength to calmly tackle life’s challenges in a relaxed state of mind.

It is always a great joy for me to be a part of the development and change processes of individuals and groups. The path for each individual opens up in a uniquely different way when we have the courage to look at ourselves with open eyes. Changes we want in our lives begin with changes on the inside.

Qualification & competences

  • Law studies - University of Munich / Germany / state exam / Advanced juristic course of labour law (bar exam)

  • Postgraduate studies Alternative practitioner psychology & psychotherapy - Zentrum für Naturheilkunde / Munich / Germany

  • Exam and diploma as Alternative practitioner psychology & psychotherapy

  • Advanced education of Imagination therapy after G. Jung – a depthpsychology oriented method / private learning institute / Munich / Germany

  • On-the-job additional education as Jivamukti Yoga instructor (800 hrs)

  • Advanced education of Yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya - Karin Kapros of Yoga Institute Mandiram / Munich / Germany

  • Advanced education of Svastha Yoga Therapy Modul 1 / 2 - Ganesh Mohan / Chennai / India

  • Advanced education of Trauma & Yoga - Aware body work for a new start after traumatic events - David Emerson / Trauma Center Boston /USA

  • Additional education of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / Bhagavad Gita / philosophical aspects - R. Sriram

  • Realisation of seminars and travels on the subjects regeneration, connecting to own strength, calming down, inner silence, meditation etc.


  • Deutsch (native language)

  • Englisch (fluent in spoken and written, business fluent))