The modern world is in a constant state of flux – and sometimes this changing dynamic is so great that our lives are thrown completely off track. In such situations there is often no time left for coaching processes, for example if there is an acute risk of burnout and urgent action is required.

Crisis intervention is then needed to clarify the situation as quickly as possible and to stop the dynamic that is putting the affected person at risk.

Drawing on a network of expert coaches and therapists, our many years of experience in dealing with stress and burnouts in companies enable us to provide you with the greatest possible level of help and support.

We can also help in other difficult situations, such as severe illness, an accident or the death of a loved one. All of these situations can disrupt our daily existence and the normal flow of life.

To step back and return to a calm state of mind before making decisions, people sometimes need a helping hand and someone to help them clarify their situation so that the necessary steps can be taken.

Don’t hesitate if you notice warning symptoms in yourself or those around you. Get help if you find yourself in difficulty or are overwhelmed by a situation.

Just contact us!