In life we often find ourselves in situations where our usual strategies fail or things just get too much for us. Working hand in hand with you, we identify where you are right now, define possible goals and find ways for you to personally develop in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

During the coaching sessions, you and your coach set out the steps you need to get there. Our many years of experience in personal development will help you to define realistic goals.

In our work together, we attach great importance to communication without anger or fear. When it comes to YOUR life story, YOU are the expert. Adopting a resource-oriented approach, we work at YOUR speed with the right combination of attention and patience. We take our cues from you and develop new perspectives, different behaviour patterns and a new mindset.

At our welcoming premises in Göllheim (or on request at a location of your choice) we work with you in a relaxed, calm atmosphere. Our approach is based on a respectful and valuing relationship, providing open spaces in which you can move and develop without fear or apprehension. 

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Everything that you and your coach need in order to work together successfully is set out in the binding coaching contract, including the agreed objectives, duration and costs.  Just contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!