Our second resilience focus area takes a deeper look at the connection between body, spirit and psyche. When you learn how the different aspects are interrelated, you’ll see how finding a balance is essential in order to fully use our strengths.

Mindset, exercise and nutrition are key factors which together have a decisive impact on our resilience and ability to withstand stress.

“You are what you eat!” 

“If you never push yourself, you’ll never know your boundaries!”

“Our thoughts determine our body language, attitudes and our physical shape”

Harmony and Balance

After identifying your own behavioural patterns (see Resilience 1), it can be very helpful to look at these factors in depth. You will learn where and how to change or let go of obstructive or even destructive behaviour. 

We will show you how these aspects are interrelated and practise a series of techniques to improve and strengthen the effect of these individual factors.

We help you to clarify your current situation and provide counselling with the aid of nutritional teaching (e.g. Ayurveda, Metabolic Balance), breathing and relaxation techniques from Qi Gong and Zen meditation, gentle yoga movement sequences and visualisation methods (e.g. the Zurich Resource Model)

Counselling is available for groups or for individuals – just ask us, we look forward to hearing from you! Courses and counselling can be conducted at our premises. On request, we are also happy to provide our services at (almost!) any location.

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