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Agile coaching on the road - on site in Ankara / Turkey

How does it feel to work as a coach in an international agile project? A) Which coaching attitudes are helpful? B) What intercultural factors need to be considered? Impressions on site. . . Part A)

Topic: Team & leadership

core values 2

Agile Leadership - How does leadership change in a digital environment?

What we have postulated and lived over the past 20 years as necessary leadership competencies and attitudes no longer meets the requirements of digital organizations. We are faced with the challenge of having to survive in a market that is characterized by a high degree of innovation and speed of change. (based on HAYS Report 2017)

Topic: Team & leadership

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership - what does your Organization need to be successful?

Done with digitalization? New Structure? New Processes? All teams set up on agile? Scrum - Master training done? Still not successful in your market? Why?

Topic: Team & leadership


How can we develop strong teams? What managers should keep in mind when they nominate new teammembers...

From forming to performing... Team development starts already with the selection of suitable teammembers.. However, highly qualified teams fail quite often due to their bad or inadequate social competences!

Topic: Team & leadership

Scrum Team 2

What makes teams successful? A brief summary...

Everybody is working in teams - but what makes the difference? What makes teams (and team work!!) great?

Topic: Team & leadership

Albara 2

Another international summer teamtraining - German/ Italian team showed its skills near Vicenza/ Italy

Warmly welcomed at Agriturismo l'Albara, Castegnero by Angelina & Valfrido (and the whole family!)

Topic: Team & leadership

Sonnenaufgang Allgäu

The Allgaeu mountains: german-turkish team made its way steeply upwards on small mountainpaths... nevertheless, reached the summit together!

One wellknown malice of change processes: the quality of communication is the ultimate successfactor of common co-operation within a team – and even more, when it’s multinational/ multicultural…

Topic: Team & leadership

Türkeitraining 3

Hoş geldiniz means "Welcome!" - a very personal story of a german/ turkish teamtraining (Part 1)

How do international team trainings really work? Is the whole effort paying back in the end?

Topic: Team & leadership